Machine Quilting Can Turn a Hobby Into A Business

What is machine quilting? It is using a machine to sew a quilt together. Think in terms of a very large sewing machine that is very flexible. If you have already been making quilts by hand and giving them to friends and relatives you may want to explore going a step further. You may want to take the plunge and start selling your wares.

So how does one transition from making quilts totally by hand to using a machine? For the small shop that does one quilt at a time and still wants to retain the more personal touch there are manual quilting machines. They allow you to create quilts that are very personal and still allow you to have the freedom to let your imagination run wild with your creations. In turn, going to a machine versus doing the work totally by hand will allow you to increase your production.

Looking further down the road, if your hobby/business keeps growing, you may want to look into getting a computerized quilting machine. With this, you can program in all the information about the quilt you are making and it will do the rest for you.

You can certainly count on there being manufacturers that create the machines to any level possible.

A good quality quilt is something that everyone loves and hands down from one generation to the next. Normally it would take a long time to make a quilt that people will want to pass on to their kids. With the use of quilting machines, you can dramatically increase the number of quilts you can make. With the manual quilting machine, you have greater control for the more personal touches that will make your quilts something that can be handed down.

There are websites and online forums that you can contact about your quilting machines and quilting business for futher advice. You don’t have be alone in the process of starting and building your business.

One of the best, and least expensive, ways for people to find out that you are there and what your product is to participate in local craft and hobby fairs or shows. There are probably a number of nearby craft shows where you can set up a table and be lucky enough to sell all the quilts you brought with you. That will let people see and touch your quilts so they can see the quality of the quilts for themselves.

This will give credibility to your quilts in ways that advertising and the internet can never do. Once people begin to know your quilts and their quality, they will begin to spread the word to their friends and relatives.

The principles of marketing and advertising will hold the same for quilting businesses as it does for any other type of hobby/craft business. You will need to define your target customers. Then figure out the best ways of reaching them while staying within your budget. Don’t underestimate the power of “word-of-mouth” advertising.

Many successful craft entrepreneurs have found that having parties at their own homes or those of friends or relatives provides more than enough business for them.